Give Online

Why We Give

At Glad Tidings we understand that God owns everything.

And God has called us to be good stewards of His resources. Therefore we invest our time, our talents, and our money in things that matter to God. We practice and encourage debt-free living and generous giving out of our desire to be wise stewards of God’s resources.

How to Give

Cash Or Check

Cash or Check

You can give by cash or check at Glad Tidings during our weekly services. You can also drop off your gift in one of our giving boxes located in the upper and lower lobby. If you are giving cash or would like to designate your gift, please fill out an offering envelope available at all of our services. This will help us acknowledge your giving at Glad Tidings.

Give Online


You can give gifts online at or at an iPad kiosk in the lobby. You can complete payment directly from your bank, simply by authenticating your bank credentials through our easy-to-use form. It is as simple as sending a check, but with the visibility, security, and speed of a digital payment.

Auto Bill Pay

Auto Bill Pay

Automatic Bill Pay through your bank is a great way to give regularly and consistently to Glad Tidings Church. In addition, it saves Glad Tidings transaction and credit card processing fees. That means 100% of your donation goes to fund the operation and vision of Glad Tidings. Log-in to your online banking or contact your bank directly for instructions.

Text to Give


You can also give using your mobile device by texting gladtidingsomaha to “77977” and following the instructions to complete your donation. Feel free to use your mobile device to give during our weekly services or at your own convenience. The first time you give, you will be asked for your payment information. Every time after, you will only need to confirm the amount.

A New Way to Give

Glad Tidings is now partnering with PushPay as a fast and secure way to give. Beginning January 1, 2017, we will no longer be using Dwolla or txt2give for our online/text giving.

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