See at what Love Can look like!

Share what you're doing as part of the Million Acts of Love Project. What is this?

My son,Jonah,surprised his friend with some chic-fil-a love ❤

Marcie NAU

Helped a young mother – watch her child while she returned her cart at the grocery store.

Cheryl Olsberg

Packed lunches for homeless and passed them out.

I saw a boy that gets bullied at school walking home and i walked with him and talked to him


Brought a homeless man named Jerry to Christ. Prayed sinners prayer right there on the sidewalk!

Shelly Carman

Gave “The Crucified Life” to someone at a coffee shop who I heard asking how to live for Christ.


My 2 and 3 year old helped make a basket full of juice boxes, snacks and chalk to leave at a park.

Kelli French

Sponsored a high school student to go to the retreat.

B & F

Coworker & family w/3 toddlers, lost their only car; we loaned them ours-serviced & full gas tank

Mama & Papa Behr

Made special treats for 2 families in our church.

Howard Barton

Stepped out of comfort zone served at city wide youth function

Howard Barton

Sat down and wrote a card of appreciation to someone who has blessed me with monetary gift

Howard Barton

Helped a stranger at Home Depot put drywall on his lumber cart.

Pete Nachtigall

After buying groceries, invited 2 homeless friends at light to take what they wanted. ??


Friend invites you out to eat & YOU pay. Pray for them. Give generous tip & kind word to server.


Payed for someones gas & then prayed for them. She told me she had just lost her job & God provided


Gave water, change, and a New Testament to a homeless man.


Sent a couple of encouraging cards to friends and loved on them at Bible Study.


Bought lunch for the man behind me. He had forgotten his wallet. Told him to just pass it on 🙂


On my Southwest flight today, a British chef Jon Ashton had baked cookies for the entire flight.


Bought a friend lunch


Holding a neighbors door open and wheeling them down the hallway.


Offered a ride to stranger

Jessica bentley

I let someone cut in front of me at the grocery store check out.

Helped jump-start the Glad Tidings van

Mark Ofsanik

Gave bus money to a homeless man


Purchased a ticket for a friend so she can attend an event!


Pick up broken glass out of park.


I smiled at every person at work today!

I prayed for healing for my neighbor who was in a car accident and was still suffering some pain.

Pete Nachtigall

I gave my grass catcher to a single mom.

If someone is being mean to me then I should talk to them & treat them with lots of love.


May Day is coming up so get to know your neighbors! Door to door treats with a positive message!


Thinking of other’s

Sam Nelson

Bought someone’s groceries at Walmart

Giving away things to others need.

Jessica Rupe

Stopped and helped someone in a wheelchair.


Cleaned up the dishes without being asked.


Loaned my sweatshirt to my sister when she was cold


Be positive and share positivity


Share a good meal

Byuyah, 9 yrs. old

Help with math


Thank people for being polite

Ryan, 9 yrs. old

Give material goods

John, 9 yrs. old

Honor others for the sacrifices they make

Kamden, 7 yrs. old

Acknowledge someone’s for the answers they provide

Emory, 7 yrs. old

Play with everyone

Enoch, 8 yrs. old

Ask how I can help those who are without and/or sad

Jordan, 11 yrs. old

Help with homework and hang out

TJ, 10 yrs. old

Praise God even through struggles


Approach others with a pleasant greeting

Armyani, 9 yrs. old

Invite an atmosphere of happiness in all surroundings

Adara, 10 yrs. old

Give a gatorade

Aidan, 9 yrs. old

Prayer, study the Bible, and obedience

Stella, 8 yrs. old

Help clean

Tayla, 11 yrs. old

Give of myself

Sally, 11 yrs. old

Stop and listen

Michael, 12 yrs. old

Love with a full heart

Krani, 7 yrs. old

Help others focus on the good in their lives

Samuel, 8 yrs. old

Call someone a good friend


Help a hurt person get to the nurse’s office

Eli, 9 yrs. old

Ask to assist

Levi, 11 yrs. old

Help those I have never met

Krani, 7 yrs. old

Share toys

Charlie, 7 yrs. old

Love others by loving myself

Shammah, 11 yrs. old


B.H., 9 yrs. old

Enjoy fun activities with others

Puot, 7 yrs. old

Share pencils

Mayan, 11 yrs. old


Emmanuel, 8 yrs. old

Wish blessings on a person’s day


Care for the needs of others

Violet, 8 yrs. old


Bella, 9 yrs. old

Help others have a good time and/or day


Lend my shoulder to support others

Kevin, 7 yrs. old

Glorify the Lord with my light


Be good

Nehemiah, 8 yrs. old

Help the homeless

Jayden, 11 yrs. old

Give candy


Offer to get materials for others at school


Get food for people

Sean, 7 yrs. old

Give money to the poor


Bring to UP kids


Take cookies to your neighbors.


Help a co worker at work ?


Pray for my friends to find Jesus


Help students and teachers at school

Ana, 9 yrs. old

Love God by loving others


Stand up for others

Heiyle, 12 yrs. old

Help at my aunt’s wedding

Caleigh, 8 yrs. old

Donate to the needy

Rosario, 9 yrs. old

Help others learn about Holy Spirit

Addyson, 8 yrs. old

Love people in their success and failure

Josephine, 9 yrs. old

Be there for an upset friend

Layla, 8 yrs. old

Be there for people who do not know their parents

Adara, 10 yrs. old

Keep myself open to others

Janessa, 11 yrs. old

Volunteer to help

Justin, 7 yrs. old

Ask how a person feels

Steve, 11 yrs. old

Recognize a person’s talent


Display a Godly life to others

Arielle, 11 yrs. old

Good attitude


Say, “I care about you.”

Joe, 9 yrs. old

Try to bring a smile to people’s faces

Moyo, 11 yrs. old

Ask to play with others

Josiah, 9 yrs. old

Pick up toys without being asked

Dami, 8 yrs. old

Kind words

Israel, 8 yrs. old

Assure someone that, “It’s okay.”

Gabby, 11 yrs. old

Encourage others to excel in their talents


Believe in others

Yrovider, 9 yrs. old

Be a flower girl in a wedding

TasheAnn, 8 yrs. old

Pray to God

Maxine, 7 yrs. old

Help even if inconvenienced

Pelu, 8 yrs. old

Say, “You are cool, nice, kind…”

Ben, 12 yrs. old

Strive to always be nice in every situation

Mick, 9 yrs. old

Speak about the good someone has done

Shalingy, 12 yrs. old

Offer to pray with anyone

Nathaniel, 7 yrs. old

Help people with their work

Sean, 8 yrs. old

Give toys

Kaleb, 7 yrs. old

Thank Jesus for dying

Aaron, 9 yrs. old

Share God’s life and love

John, 7 yrs. old

Go to church and respect God

Xavier, 8 yrs. old

Praise others

Isaac, 10 yrs. old

Talk about Jesus and help a friend

Emery, 9 yrs. old

Talk to the lonely

Charlie, 10 yrs. old

Worship God and be grateful towards Him

Oknai, 10 yrs. old

Tell about Jesus



Christian, 7 yrs. old

Aid siblings


Spend an entire day with someone

Adara, 7 yrs. old

Start a conversation

Sophia, 10 yrs. old

Brighten one’s bad day

Shelby, 11 yrs. old

Take pride in sibling’s accomplishments

Iliana, 8 yrs. old

Not talking back and have a good attitude

Vyena, 12 yrs. old

Befriend others

Genesis, 7 yrs. old

Admire one’s attire

Addyson, 12 yrs. old

Use a soothing voice

Celia, 9 yrs. old

Find good in all situations

Destiny, 11 yrs. old

Kindness towards enemies

Sarah, 7 yrs. old

Include others in conversations

Taylor, 8 yrs. old

Help others find kindness

Ellie, 7 yrs. old

Focus love and devotion on God

Shahd, 12 yrs. old

Own my behavior and not blame

Isaiah, 7 yrs. old

Visit the homeless

Aiyana, 9 yrs. old

Surrender all to Jesus

Grace, 9 yrs. old

Tell others only good about somebody

Serenity, 8 yrs. old

Help Mom with chores

Jazzlynne, 11 yrs. old

Obey parents

Isabella, 7 yrs. old

Gave refuge to a friend in my home who was in need of some peace and quiet.


Bought a study Bible for a person seeking to know more about Jesus

Kiss loved ones

Libby, 8 yrs. old

Arranged to have a refugee’s chiropractic visit paid for.

Value others

Sofia, 7 yrs. old

Focus on the inner person

Grace, 12 yrs. old

Rejoice through all aspects of the day


Write a personal and handwritten note

Ariana, 9 yrs. old

Use kind words instead of those that are cruel

Tmani, 10 yrs. old

Show gratitude

Hannah, 8 yrs old

Go with parents to pray for those we do not know

Destiny, 10 yrs. old

Say nice things and share with others

Ileina, 12 yrs old

Say nice things and share with others

Ileina, 12 yrs old

Be kind by telling others what is admirable about them

Joy Paul, 9 yrs. old

Play with and/or compliment a new kid at school

Sydney, 12 years old

Shake someone’s hand and smile at them

Josie, 8 yrs. old

Help those who fall on the ground or are alone

Nissi, 8 yrs. old

A simple hug


Reach out to those who are crying

Julysse, 13 yrs. old

Say I love you


Help someone feel beautiful

Casteria, 7 yrs. old

Cheer for someone who feels unworthy

Andrea, 9 yrs. old

Accept the good others speak into my life

Rachel, 7 yrs. old

Tell my Dad he is handsome and admire his tie

Lia, 11 yrs. old

Admire the greatness in others

Janessa, 13 yrs. old

Express love towards others by praying with them

Rachel, 7 yrs old

Help siblings focus on the positive side of life


Tolerate people by choosing not to bully or be rude

Sarah Ali, 13 yrs. old

Come to the aid of others who are in need

Terelle, 8 yrs. old

Ask people about their well-being and offer assistance

Ellie, 12 yrs. old

Spend time with others

Layla, 9 yrs. old

Display the fruits of the spirit in friendship with others

Meghan, 11 yrs. old

Allow God’s love to shine through me

Anneslee, 7 yrs. old

Plan to edify others at the start of the day

Briley, 8 yrs. old

Plan to edify others at the start of each day

Briley, 8 yrs. old

Invite others to play

Ashley, 9 yrs. old

Say, “Hi.” Also, share my talents and/or belongings with others.

Jocelyn, 10 yrs. old

Do not overlook people that are sad

Avery, 7 yrs. old

Share a smile

Emma, 11 yrs. old

Be kind especially when it is most difficult


Love through actions and words

Mady, 11 yrs. old

Bought a guy lunch


Bandage wounds instead of adding to them

Joslyn, 12 yrs. old

Gave an extra large tip to a waiter at a restaurant.


Prayed for a friend who needed encouragement.


Take a homeless person to lunch!

Bought someone coffee


Give away a great book to a friend.

Lunch in a teacher’s lounge at kids school.

Clean gas station bathrooms.

Walk your neighbor’s dog.

Host neighborhood BBQ.

Water bottles at the park on a hot day.

Help someone move.

Donate gently used items to open door mission or family in need.


Hand-write a note to your kid’s teacher.


Post something encouraging on Facebook.

Pray for someone.

Give someone a David Potter CD.


Tell a joke.