God is moving in people's lives–no matter what their background.

Within days after moving to Omaha, I started attending Glad Tidings and never looked back. Glad Tidings was an extension of my home church for me and finding a good local church was one of my priorities when I moved to Omaha. With the help and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I was able to find what I prayed for. I felt loved when I joined Glad Tidings because it can be overwhelming when meeting new faces, especially coming from a different culture and upbringing. I was helped, guided and this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some awesome brothers and sisters who made themselves available when I needed help or shared some of my feelings. The message at GT has been the same since I joined, the love of people and good news for all nations. We’re seeing the hand of God moving in people’s lives no matter where they are from, black, brown, white, yellow or red. The Lord has been good to me through GT because of the teachings and the dedication of the leadership to constantly seek God’s guidance for his people.

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We want to hear how God is bringing real transformation to your life.


Why tell your story?

Our transformation story is the best tool we have to spread the Good News. It is personal, it is real, and it is the thing we know the most about our own experience with God.


Write your story down.

Take some time to sit down, pray, and write out your personal testimony asking the Holy Spirit for help. Writing it down will help you organize your thoughts.


How long should it be?

Your story should be able to be told in 3 minutes or less. This may seem like a challenge but a good story should be engaging and concise. All of Jesus’s parables were this way and we would love to tell stories like Jesus.

Focus on three areas of your life:

  • 1

    Your life before Christ

  • 2

    How you met Christ

  • 3

    The Difference Jesus has made in your life

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